Wyncote Academy is a licensed, non-profit, non-sectarian private academic high school located on the campus of Gratz College in Eastern Montgomery County, PA.  A co-educational institution, Wyncote serves grades 6 through 12 in a middle and upper school. Enrollment is approximately 100 students, and averaging 12 students per class.Curriculum is college preparatory, with emphasis on skills development.

At Wyncote, we are serious about learning and are proud to have been singled out as one of the ‘best private schools’ by Philadelphia Magazine.  We are interested in seeing all students achieve their fullest potential.

Learning in our school community comes about through the close relationship between students and staff. Teachers are friends and helpers, as well as givers of facts. Sometimes, students may need an extra boost to do their best. We provide that encouragement and support through realistic homework expectations, after-school study time, multiple methods of evaluation, weekly reports and parent conferences.

True education is more than bookwork and assignments. True learning begins with the realization of one’s own talent and worth. That realization is the personal strength that allows us to reach out to others. Development of these qualities is what makes the Wyncote education a special and valuable experience.

We seek to provide an educational and developmental environment which fosters discovery, achievement, responsibility and self-esteem in all students. We are a place where students are encouraged to grow at a pace in keeping with their cognitive development, academic history and personal learning style. Our purpose is not to make students learn, but to inspire them to learn according to their unique abilities. Wyncote Academy students are part of an experiential community, dedicated to mutual academic and social growth. It is this unique approach to learning that has earned us the distinction of being one of the best private schools in Philadelphia.

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