Wyncote offers a traditional curriculum within an alternative education system for high school students who are better-suited to a less conventional school environment. The curriculum follows traditional guidelines in order to provide ample preparation for post-high school study, while the learning process follows a unique hands-on approach known as the “experiential learning” model.

Enrichment studies in the humanities, arts, study skills, and career fields make up the balance of the schedule. A diverse and individualized physical education program is provided as a part of the required curriculum, as is health.

Class sizes average 12 students, with the occasional student being assigned to smaller groups for closer supervision in strengthening specific skills.

Work-study programs, independent projects, course attendance at area colleges and vocational-technical schools are all possible within the credited course program.

The flexibility of our program allows staff to respond to a host of opportunities within the Philadelphia community. Trips to the city’s theaters, museums, ethnic neighborhoods, special events and historical sights enrich the classroom experiences. Regular visits from members of Philadelphia’s cultural community also add life to the classroom curriculum.

The college counselor meets individually with junior and senior students, and schedules parent conferences to help students make decisions for post-high school years. The school assists in obtaining all necessary forms and information for the college application procedure. For those who are not immediately college-bound, career guidance is also provided.