Summer Enrichment Program

The Summer Enrichment Program is designed to help students advancing to a new level of education, and acclimate incoming students to their new surroundings, responsibilities and areas of study. Small, intimate and informal classes conducive to learning and adjusting contribute to the students development of strong relationships with peers and teachers. This program allows student’s to get a head start on the wide array of subjects they will be studying. The Summer Enrichment program also provides an opportunity for students to succeed in making up credits for classes attended and failed elsewhere.

Through this experience, students in transition acquire a clearer understanding of where their interests lie, which most often dictates what classes they will take during their time at Wyncote Academy.

In addition to offering classes in the core subjects – English, science, history and mathematics – Wyncote Academy offers a wide array of fine art classes. To help students enhance their life-long learning skills, Wyncote Academy also offers courses in study skills, writing and organization.