Howard Schatz


Howard Schatz brings his extensive talents and experience in physics, technology, psychology and business into his classrooms at Wyncote. A graduate of Drexel University, and Temple University, with post graduate study at Columbia University and Delaware Valley College, Howard provides a fund of knowledge to students into his Chemistry, Physics, Botany, and Health classes. Howard previously taught at Frankford High School and Robert Vaux High School. The goal for his students is that they will recognize the patterns seen in scientific study of nature and be able to apply them to their own life experiences.
Howard is working with Amy Cheatham to utilize the greenhouse as a laboratory for the botany, health and horticulture classes. Seedlings being tended by students promise healthful and tasty salads, eggplant and squash plants augur well for wholesome meals as well as developing healthy eating habits. In addition, Howard is cooperating with Amy in expanding the outdoor education program with a major camping trip to Yellowstone National Park planned for this spring.
Howard lives in Elkins Park, and is the father of 2 teenage sons. He is the coach for their soccer team, and a former Boy Scout leader. He also volunteers at a local food pantry.