Josh Bornstein

Disciplinarian, Mathematics

As both a musician and math teacher, Josh is able to encourage his students to use both sides of their brains. When it comes to teaching math, Josh strives to see that students know not only the facts, but to use the skills that they develop in the classroom to problem solve and think logically outside of class. As for music, Josh strives to help his students to think creatively and develop artistic talents that will help them to become more well-rounded individuals.Josh has honed both of these talents in himself. He is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Math Education.

Prior to becoming a math education major, Josh spent two years at Temple studying jazz theory and performance with the accomplished Greg Kettinger. Today, the combination of these two diverse areas of study serves Josh well – he has been a math teacher at Wyncote since 2001 and performs locally as part of the acoustic trio, Steamboat Annie, with his girlfriend Kelly Callan and her brother, Johnny Callan. Josh’s math students enjoy knowing that they have a resident “rock star” as one of their teachers!

The fact that he is able to get to know all the students, not just in the classroom, is appealing to Josh. He also appreciates the tightly-knit faculty at Wyncote. “It’s all about the kids, and I’m proud of what they accomplish,” says Josh. “I seriously look forward to every day. I love the fact that every teacher communicates, laughs, and shares a common purpose at Wyncote. There are really happy kids who like coming to school and try every single day. How much more can we ask?!”