Pete Tambrourino

History & Athletic Director

Pete Tambourino wears several different hats at Wyncote Academy – social studies teacher, math teacher, Athletic Director, and coach. Pete is a graduate of West Chester University, where he earned his Bachelor of Sciences in Education degree and his professional certificate in social studies. His concentration was history and his minor was economic geography. Pete recently completed his Master of Sciences in Education degree at Neumann College.

“Wyncote allows me the time to develop a rapport with the students beyond the role of the traditional,” explains Pete. “My role at Wyncote has expanded over the years to include coach, mentor, and friend to my students.”

Pete spends his free time with his wife Kelly and his young daughter, Julia. An avid sports fan, Pete enjoys refereeing, coaching, playing, and watching sports. His favorites include baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. He also likes to read mysteries, rent movies and play trivia games.

Pete stays young through his lifelong love of comic books – particularly anything related to Spiderman – and building with Legos! Pete has an extensive collection of intricate Lego models, including replicas of almost every Star Wars spaceship. Pete also designs and creates his own Lego constructions, including an expanding collection of super heroes!