International Admissions

International Students

Thanks for considering Wyncote Academy for your education in the United States. Located on a 4 acre campus in Wyncote, PA outside of Philadelphia, PA, we are especially proud of our small class size, our highly qualified, well-seasoned teaching staff and our art, music and outdoor education programs that prepares our students for college.
Established in 1973, Wyncote Academy focuses on the individual support that we offer our students and engaging them in getting ready for their future. Wyncote has a strong relationship with several nearby colleges/universities that offers our students with dual enrollment in both our school and in college.
Wyncote Academy welcomes International Students from all over the world through an exclusive partnership with International Education Opportunities (IEO). International student applicants may receive English language support classes, depending on their proficiency level. IEO can provide additional English support for those students who might need additional academic support outside of the school day.
International Education Opportunities works with the international students and their families to find the best housing option for each student, either in a residential, “Academy House” setting with other international students or in a homestay with an American family.

ESL Program

English language learners can be accommodated at Wyncote Academy in a customizable ESL Program.  Classes are divided by proficiency levels and provided for academic subjects, so students are able to accrue credits while building their language skills.

Tuition and Fees

The International student tuition at Wyncote Academy for 2015-2016 (including room and board) is $58,000 for the homestay program and $61,000 for the Academy House.
There is also an International Program Fee of $100.

Application Process

International students seeking to matriculate to Wyncote Academy should complete the following steps by March 1 of the year in which they seek to enter school: