Wyncote offers a variety of student activities including field trips, sports and college visits.


One of Wyncote’s priorities is to provide a stimulating alternative education for high school students by involving them in a rich variety of activities. These activities are scheduled throughout the school year to enhance the academic curriculum and broaden the social scope of the Wyncote community.

Curriculum-Based Field Trips

Academic field trips frequently take advantage of the wealth of cultural and historical venues located around the Delaware Valley. Many field trips also capitalize on the close proximity of Wyncote to other nearby metropolitan areas, such as New York City and Washington DC. In Philadelphia, students regularly tour special exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Natural Sciences, and the University of Pennsylvania Museum, among others. Such trips are incorporated into the academic curriculum through pre-tour guest speakers, classroom presentations, and culminate in private tours of exhibits with museum personnel.

Out of town day trips include New York City visits to the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Whitney Museum, to name a few. Included with these trips are cultural dining experiences in local neighborhoods such as Greenwich Village or Chinatown. Washington DC trips incorporate visits to the many museums of the Smithsonian Institute, the National Gallery, the Holocaust Museum, as well as the numerous national monuments found throughout the city.


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