Wyncote Legacies

Matthew Jones-Hardy entered Wyncote’s ninth grade this September.  Matthew is the son of Sherrie Jones, Wyncote class of 1990. Sherrie commented that “Wyncote was a good experience for me and the teachers were good”. When asked about Wyncote, Matthew stated that he likes the people and has made good friends. He also said he “tries to do my best”, which he has, with all A’s on his first report card. He also likes our greenhouse, the Lego elective and going to the big gym.

Tymon Swanson, class of 2016, is the son of Tim Swanson, who attended Wyncote with the class of 2000. Tim now teaches electrical training at  Pennco Tech. He stated that he “felt comfortable about the staff and curriculum at Wyncote” when applying for his son. Tymon commented that he likes the teachers and studying history and government at Wyncote. He plans to attend college next year where he hopes to study art and writing.