Wyncote Music

Please enjoy this diversity of musical expressions from Wyncote students.

Friends (Happy Holiday)

Featuring Daniel Samuels

Wyncote Junior Daniel Samuels is a very prolific songwriter, sometimes writing and recording as many as three songs in a given week. Thematically, his songs explore those things that make life worth living: positive relationships with others and the simple pleasures that can be found (if we are open to them) in everyday experience. On this recording, Daniel accompanies himself on bass guitar.

Fly Me to the Moon

Featuring Eric Wright

Eric, a Wyncote senior, possesses many musical gifts. He writes and records his own music and rap, and he plays the piano. Here Eric performs Sinatra’s classic “Fly Me to the Moon” (written by Bart Howard) on piano.

Untitled Beat

Featuring Walter Luchay

Walter’s diverse musical interests include singing, songwriting, beat-making, piano, guitar, and drumming. Walter has performed various lead roles in community-based musical theater productions.

You’ll Be Back (from Hamilton)

Featuring Nuri Muhammed

Sophomore Nuri Muhammed enjoys singing and playing a variety of instruments (violin, piano, and guitar). Here Nuri sings King George’s satirical “love song” from the Broadway blockbuster (written by Lin-Manuel Miranda). (Mr. Mark accompanies Nuri on guitar.)

Untitled Beat

Featuring Cornell Garlington

Cornell, a Wyncote Junior, writes and records his own raps, and he also creates his own beats. The beat below, like many of Cornell’s beats, combines melodic and rhythmic elements in surprising ways.

Carti Cash

Featuring Azir White

Wyncote senior Azir White (aka ZayBeats) creates imaginative and meticulously-crafted beats. Listen closely to catch the subtle details and nuances in his “Carti Cash.”

Tone Poem for Symphony Orchestra

Featuring Eric Wright

This is an excerpt from a symphonic work in progress. Eric originally composed this piece for solo piano; he is currently working to orchestrate the piece for symphony orchestra.