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Wyncote Holiday Music

Congratulations to all the students who worked extremely hard and also Mr Tim for putting this all together. Enjoy!


1) Mistletoe  11 seconds


Jaleen (grade 12) - Vocal 
Hailey (grade 11) - Guitar 
Justin Bieber - Original Recording
Mr Eric Aubrey and Mr Tim – Audio Engineers


2) We 3 Kings   3:10 seconds


Kyair (grade 9) - Beat
Mr Tim – Keys and Engineer


3) God Rest Ye Merry    5:23 seconds


Hailey (grade 11) - Guitar   
Mr Tim - Keys and Engineer


4) Carol of the Bells     7:00 seconds


Hannah (grade 11) – Piano 
Mr Tim - Keyboard and Audio Engineer


5) My Favorite Things      8:14 seconds


Leah (grade 11) -  Piano 
Mr Tim  - Audio Engineer



Wyncote Academy is dedicated to providing a dynamic educational environment in which:

  • Unique individuals and their abilities are respected and valued.
  • Academic growth is stimulated and nourished through a variety of experiences, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Every student can experience success.
  • Goals are set with recognition of and regard for individual style and pace.
  • Students are encouraged to value and challange their own ideas and abilities, and to trust their own judgment.
  • All are inspired to become lifelong learners and contributing members of society.

Wyncote promotes authentic learning and meaningful connections between students and faculty.  We provide a wide range of academic, social, and emotional supports to help students flourish.  When students come to Wyncote with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), we maintain and abide by them becuase we believe it is best practice. Wyncote has Special Eduction faculty, staff and programming to support your child.

So much of current educational practice focuses on addressing what's wrong with students and what needs to be fixed. While addressing deficits is important, we believe that true learning begins with the recognition of one's talents and strengths. Building upon these personal traits is the starting point for authentic education and meaningful connection with others. This strengths-based approach defines the Wyncote Academy experience.