Our courses are based on a communicative

and task-based approach with effective

real-life communication.

Gold Star Middle School Program

If you’re searching for a private middle school near Philadelphia that goes a step beyond providing a conventional education, you might find that Wyncote Academy is a perfect fit. The Middle School years represent a time in the life of children ages 11 through 14 when they are faced with a series of physical and emotional changes. It is also the time when they leave the supportive surroundings of an elementary setting and are met with new expectations that demand more independence in school. Such demands, during what is often already a stressful time, make it hard for some children to succeed.

That is where the small, nurturing program at Wyncote Academy’s Middle School may help in bridging the gap between the comforts of elementary school and the challenges of high school. Wyncote Academy’s Middle School program is designed to support children who are starting to slip by helping them develop organizational skills, good study habits, self discipline, and confidence in their ability to work independently. Individualized programs are based on each student’s skills and needs.

The small, closely supervised setting provides students with a safe environment and gives teachers quick insight to problem areas so those can be addressed immediately. Through hands-on activities such as visits to museums, aquariums and national parks, teachers bring subject matter to life for students.

Upper School Program

Traditional guidelines are followed in order to provide ample preparation for post-high school study. These guidelines encompass the four major academic subjects of English, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition, enrichment studies in the humanities, arts, study skills and career fields make up the balance of the high school schedule. Also required is a diverse and individualized physical education program and a course in health. It is this enrichment program that has contributed to Wyncote being named one of the top private schools in the Philadelphia area.


Parent/ Student Communication





Service-learning is a teaching method that enriches learning by engaging students in meaningful service

to their schools and communities. Seniors must complete 60 hours of

service on projects of their choice.