Please note that the date for the 2019 Wyncote Academy Auction Fundraiser

has been changed to Saturday, April 27, 2019!

WHAT: Wyncote Academy's 2019 Auction Fundraiser
WHEN: Saturday, April 27 from 6:00-8:30 PM
WHERE: Gratz College Main Lobby and Auditorium (7605 Old York Rd., Melrose Park PA 19027)
TICKETS: $25 per person (includes light dinner buffet, desserts, and beverages)

Your participation/support will help Wyncote to provide more students with life-changing educational opportunities.


Audio Gallery of Student Musical Performances

Wyncote Senior Matthew M. sings "Mr. Grinch," accompanied by Joe R. on guitar, Nuri M. on bass, and Mr. Tim on piano keyboard.

Wyncote senior Jordan H. plays Vince Guaradli's holiday classic, "Christmastime is Here."

Wyncote's Middle School Percussion Ensemble performs "The Little Drummer Boy," under the direction of Mr. Tim.

Wyncote senior Christian R. (guitar) and Mr. Tim (piano) perform "What Child is This?"

Wyncote freshmen Leah M. and Hannah M. sing Winter Wonderland, accompanied by Mr. Tim on piano.

High School Music Classes

Wyncote's high school music classes provide opportunities for students to explore their musical interests and develop their musical talents. Students may explore one or more of the following strands: instrumental music, vocal music, composition/arranging, and music production.

Instrumental and vocal music - Students may receive group or one-one-one instruction on one or more of the following: voice, piano, drums, guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, ukulele, recorder, clarinet, and saxophone. Ensembles are formed to accommodate students students' interests and abilities. Performance opportunities include three annual talents shows (November, February, and June), a winter/holiday concert (December), and a spring musical OR spring concert (May).

Composition/arranging and music production - Students may pursue writing their own songs, rap, or instrumental music. Students who pursue this strand will study the elements of music theory and compositon. Students interested in songwriting will also explore a range of approaches to lyric writing. Students interested in music production, will learn the basics of both live recording and digital music production. Students have access to a range of music writing and poduction software, including Audacity, Musescore, FL Studio, and Pro Tools.

Middle School Music Classes

While high school music classes emphasize individualized musical instruction, middle school classes are more focused on group instruction. Students learn a range of fundamental music skills - e.g. reading and performing rhythms in various meters, identifying the instruments of the symphony orchestra by sound, writing and performing simple melodies, etc. Students are exposed to a wide range of musical styles from from around the world. One of the goals of the middle school program is to help students identify their own musical preferences,and identify the specifc musical characteristics that they find appealing.