Manny Abreu, Maintenance Supervisor
Bryan Beal, One-on-One Assistant
Georgi Bernard, Business Manager
Josh Bornstein, Dean of Students and Math Teacher
Beni Cicchetti, Basketball Coach and Health and Physical Education Teacher
Christina Ewan, Middle School Teacher and Case Manager
Kristy Gallagher, Guidance Counselor
Adrienne Gallo (PsyD), Clinical Psychologist
Sarah Garner, Reading and Spanish Teacher
Angelic Gilchrist, One-on-One Assistant
Doug Godfrey, Math Teacher
Ashley Hester, One-on-One Assistant
Sharon Hester, Adminsitrative Assistant
John Jelinski, English Teacher
Mark Linkins, Assistant Head of School and Music Teacher
Kelly Liston, Special Education Teacher and Case Manager
Susan Lyons-Joell, Science Teacher
Tiffany Miller-Fell, School Psychologist and Director of Special Education
David Neibauer, English Teacher and Director of Technology
Harshal Patel, Social Studies Teacher
Howard Schatz, Science Teacher
Vivian Still-Brown, Middle School Teacher and Case Manager
Pete Tambourino, Social Studies Teacher and Athletic Director
Bruce Weiner, Art Teacher
Caroline Weiner, Wilson Reading Teacher