The ability to read opens

a world of possibilities...



Wyncote Academy now offers the Wilson Reading System as part of its outstanding academic program for students in grades 6-12.


  • Students with language based disabilities    
  • Slow, labored readers who lack fluency
  • Students unable to decode accurately
  • Students who struggle with spelling


Reading is a door to personal and intellectual growth, as well as a necessity for a secure future in today’s job market. The Wilson Reading System is designed to help students make sense of English and become more competent readers. Its direct, structured, cumulative and multisensory approach reinforces the skills and knowledge needed to function at grade level. Originally developed for students with dyslexia, the program also targets the needs of students who are below grade level in reading. The program will greatly benefit: Wyncote Academy also provides small class sizes, designed to emphasize one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. Psycho-educational andindividual counseling also support the academic program.